Sprouted-grain bread saved my diet.

I love bread. (I’m French-Canadian – come on.) But I hate how flour products make me feel. Drained, bloated, moody. Thanks to sprouted grain (SG) products, I get my toast in the morning and my hamburger buns, only these versions are incredibly good for me – mind and body.

My favourite SG bread is called Mac’s Flax from Silver Hills Bakery in BC. I pick up a bag of Mac’s Flax bread on every grocery trip. I use it for eggs and toast, French bread, as a side with pasta and salad, and for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and tuna melts.

My favourite flavour of Silver Hills sprouted grain bread.

My favourite flavour of Silver Hills sprouted grain bread.

One of these loaves costs between 2.99-4.99 depending on where I buy it and if it’s on sale. It’s always worth the money. One slice alone has 6 grams of protein – that’s 3 times as much as a normal slice of multigrain or whole wheat. Higher protein means it helps build and maintain muscle, and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. SG bread is what makes many vegetarian meals – like grilled cheese or French toast – legitimate meals.

My second favourite kind of SG bread is Cinnamon-Raisin bread from Food For Life. These thin slices are sweet and filling. I love them with raw almond butter and sliced banana, or just a little margarine.

Cinnamon-Raisin SG Bread - SO GOOD

Cinnamon-Raisin SG Bread – SO GOOD

Ezekeil (Food For Life’s brand name for their SG products) costs more than Silver Hills – 5.99 per loaf. Still, a delicious treat.

WARNING: Switching to sprouted grain breads will make you gassy for a couple months, because of the high levels of plant-based protein. This is normal, and your tummy will rebalance. Consider it a worthy trial for a greater cause.


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