My all-time, favourite rockstar meal. Variations included.

2013-02-15 05.01.16


1 can tomato soup (Campbell’s, because it contains half the sodium of No Name or Heinz)
Soup seasoning (dried or fresh: Basill or Rosemary & Garlic or Red Peppers & Parsley)
freshly grated parmesan cheese (or powdered version)
2 slices SG bread (or other high-fibre, multigrain bread)
8 thin slices (from block) cheddar cheese, opt add other cheese like bocconcini, soft parmesan, swiss or gouda
1/4 avocado or 1-2 slices tomato or 1/4 apple, thinly sliced (apple goes especially well with smoked cheddar and havarti)
1 big handful organic baby spinach or arugula or baby greens


1. Heat frying pan on low-medium heat.
2. Heat soup in small pot on medium heat. Add choice of herbs & black pepper. Cover and stir occasionally.
3. Lightly scrape margarine on one side of each piece of bread. (If using SG, defrost for 1 min 20 sec at 40% microwave heat)
4. Place one piece, margarine side down, in the pan, and layer on half your cheese, followed by your choice of avocado, tomato or apple slices, and then the rest of the cheese, and the other bread slice, margarine side out.
5. Use a big spatula to press the grilled cheese down into the pan. This will speed the cooking and keep everything together.
6. Cook each side till toasty brown – about 4-5 min per side. Do not increase heat or you will burn your bread before the inside layers are cooked through.
7. Remove sandwich from pan, cut in half with smooth blade. Pour half of soup into a bowl and grate parmesan overtop. Serve both with generous handful of chosen greens to munch on with each bite of your sandwich. Mmmm!


Nutrition: 20 g protein (with SG bread + 2 layers of cheese), healthy fats, vitamins & minerals in bread, soup and greens.
: 10 minutes prep, 5 minutes cleanup.
Cost: Totally Affordable. Soup can (2 servings per can – save the rest in tupperware) 69 cents. Organic greens $3.99/box. Cheddar cheese – buy on sale, $5.99/big block. Margarine $2.99 Herbs & parmesan: pricey, but last a super long time. Avocado, tomato or apple: < $1 each.


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