Getting home late, inebriated and starving can pose challenges to the Rockstar Diet. Especially when said rockstar lives within 2-minute walking distance of McDonalds. Always have foods on hand that facilitate quick and mindless preparation without compromising nutrition and flavour.

Late night drunk food doesn't have to be gross.

Late night drunk food doesn’t have to be gross.

The What

Toasted SG sesame bagel with store-bought roasted onion hummus, sliced cucumber and black pepper with a cup of reheated organic tomato-red pepper soup seasoned with dry basil and pepper. (This gourmet-ish soup I bought on sale – normally I’d just use canned Campbell’s.) Drink: vanilla almond milk. Almond milk rocks because unopened, you can store it in the cupboard. It’s also good for you and cheap.

The How

Toast bagel, microwave soup, slice cucumber, spread hummus on bagel with cucumber and crack black pepper on top.

The Score

Protein: 16 g in bagel, 3 g in hummus = 19 g

Time: < 10 minutes

Cost: Super cheap.


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