Here’s food I brought on a 3 day solo tour with another solo musician and friend, Lindsay Duncan. As you can see, I’m loading up on vitamins and fibre – things I won’t be able to find at pit stops & fast food joints.

I’m about to go on a two-week tour, the longest I’ve ever been on. I’m going with my band, SoHo Ghetto, from Halifax through the maritimes, to several Ontario dates and one in Wisconsin (woo!)

Eating on the road is a big challenge in any Rockstar Diet. I follow a few simple guidelines.

1. Preparation is KEY. Food from home / the grocery store will be well thought out, cheaper and healthier than fast food options. Plan breakfasts and lunches especially, as they’re easiest to pack. Dinners might be nicer at a restaurant if it’s an option. (I do like my meat.)

For this trip, my planned foods are:

Protein – Raw Almonds, Peanut Butter, Greek Yogourt, Cheddar Cheese, Fruition Vegan Sundried Tomato Pâté
Starch & Fibre – Sprouted Grain bagels, Sprouted Grain bread, Schoolhouse Quinoa Granola, rice crackers,
Vitamins & Fibre – apples, bananas, grapefruit, Avocados, carrots

2. When buying fast food (unavoidable!) avoid wheat and anything deep fried, and limit to one starch per meal. If you are eating wheat, make sure you’ve got enough protein in the meal that you’re not just filling up on bread. Otherwise you’ll just get hungry 2 hours later. This is NOT a rule I follow at home. Just on the road.

3. Eat for fuel. When you’re sitting for hours at a time on the road you don’t need half as many calories as you would on a normal day playing / walking around town. It can be SO easy to get munchies in the van, especially when the boys are smoking and snacking around me, so I use the clock to schedule meal times, and pay especial attention to hunger signals (or lack thereof!).


A delicious breakfast I prepared on the road, at a friend’s house, from my packed goodies.

I prepared the above meal while on my last tour. This breakfast consists of 1 grapefruit (LOVE! Already ate half…), 1/2 a ripe avocado sliced on a sprouted grain bagel, 1/2 a container plain greek yogourt with some lovely homemade granola Lindsay gave me, and coffee with cream. Don’t forget to squeeze out all your grapefruit juice at the end. So much goodness.

Anyways, wish me luck on my tour. I’ll post updates. Definite diet challenge!


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