There’s about an hour till we play, and I’m in my tent at our campsite. The mosquitos are unbelievable.

The road trip challenge is going so-so. It’s really hard not to overeat when there’s so much snack food in the car all the time. I came adequately prepared (for the first time!) with:

– 12 apples
– 1 bag sprouted grain bagels
– 1/2 loaf sprouted grain bread
– organic peanut butter
– cheddar cheese
– 2 containers plain greek yogourt
– 1 big pack Schoolhouse quinoa granola
– 1 avocado
– 1 orange
– plain rice crackers
– Fruition vegan pate (sunflower seeds, sundried tomato, etc – SO good)
– hummus
– apple juice
– 4 bananas

I’ve avoided buying breakfast and lunch because of my supplies. A cooler has been essential.

The real challenge is in regular meal-times, or the lack thereof. I’m finding it easier to keep my own schedule regardless of when the boys are eating, though I feel slightly left out when they get fast food and I don’t. It’s easy to overlook the social component of eating in our culture.

Staying home at my parents’ for a night was stressful. It’s painful to dip in and out of Ottawa so quickly I don’t have time to have a proper conversation with anyone. I left feeling very depressed and guilty. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!) Normally this leads to emotional eating for me, but I think I’m okay.


One thought on “Tour Day 3 Peterborough

  1. Yes, I felt sad and frustrated too, such a quick stay over. But that’s inevitable, life on the road, and we were very happy to aee you for a few shared hrs under our roof…. And M-A said he never sleeps better anywehere else haha.
    I should have thought of equipping all of you with insect repellent 🙂

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