I wish I’d taken a picture of the glorious quinoa salad I ordered at The Rivoli in Toronto the night we played at the Horseshoe. I had a great time in Toronto seeing old friends and doing some H&M and Urban Outfitters shopping.

Eating in the big city was easier, health-wise, but more expensive. At this point in the tour I have depleted most of my food stash and am buying more on the go… a dangerous pitfall for dollars and calories.

Another stress factor at this point in the tour is my peaking exhaustion: between nightly shows, driving and some silly stretches of road, I have achieved a cumulative 12 hours of sleep in 4 days. I suffer from anxiety-related insomnia even in day-to-day life at home. On the road, this gets worse, and is definitely something to work on next time.

When I’m tired, I crave sugar. When I’m stressed, anxious and upset, I crave fat. Having no groceries to rely on it becomes increasingly hard to make sound menu choices.

In Hamilton, we go to a Japanese place where I’m hoping to find satisfying AND nutritious options. I order a fusion sushi roll and edamame. The edamame is overcooked but palatable. The sushi is miserable. Never get sushi in Hamilton. My roll’s puny fillings are nearly double-wrapped in bland, soggy rice. I end up unrolling each peace part-way to try and achieve a more normal filling-to-rice ratio.

(Sidenote: I hate picking food apart; it makes me feel self-conscious. For this reason I am a fastidious orderer, ironically embarrassing my company because I can’t “just order” without asking a few questions about ingredients or preparation. Whatever! If I’m paying for food, I want to enjoy the whole plate without picking anything apart.)



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