Just got back from a run on a hot day. This week I’m preparing for Evolve Festival, a weekend of absolute shenanigans. I’ll be sure to post what I manage to stuff in my cooler.

Evolve means I need to detox. I will be spending 3 days in the sun, surrounded by crazy happy people and several stages. Music will thump from 2PM to 8AM every night. I won’t be cooking any food, and I will need my health and energy! (I play with SoHo Ghetto on the main stage at 4:30 on Saturday.) So this week: No smoking, drinking, and plenty of sleep and super clean food, like this trout dinner. I love trout!


Set small pot of water to boil. Rinse trout portion in cool water, and place in metal pan or sheet. Season w salt and pepper and a drizzle of seasoned olive oil. Lemon juice would also work but I’m out. Place in oven at 390 F for 12 minutes. Quarter a potato and boil it for same amount of time.

Fill half your plate w mixed greens, and slice a vine tomato and small chunk of red onion. Little goes a long way.) Sprinkle w toasted pumpkin seeds, pepper, and a simple olive oil and balsamic dressing.


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