It’s that time of year again. The culmination of summer days. The escape; the return! The dissolution of social boundaries. The celebration of love.

Evolve Festival is an annual music festival in Antigonish, NS. This will be my fourth year in attendance, and my third year playing.

The number one rule for having a good Evolve is: BE PREPARED. Make a list, and never forget your essentials.

20130718-224516.jpgFood essentials include:

Fresh fruits and veggies (vitamins and minerals!)
– 4 apples
– 4 bananas
– 1 grapefruit
– 2 avocados (liver detoxifiers)
– 2 bell peppers
– baby carrots
– 1 cucumber
– blueberries
– Tropicana orange juice

Ready-to-eat protein (no cooking)
– almonds
– sunflower & pumpkin seeds
– cheese
– plain greek yogourt
– hummus

Yummy carbs
– granola
– sprouted grain sesame bagels
– veggie straw chips

Party Food
– giant gummy raspberries
– sour grape gummies
– lollipops
– fireball whiskey
– beer

And not to be forgotten: TONS of water, which we will pick up tomorrow.

Happy Evolve!


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