On the final morning of Evolve Festival, as we were repacking our car and making runs to the tent up the hill, someone stole my backpack. I was coming off some heavy psychadelics, and as such the loss of so many personal items in one stuffed bag struck me in an odd way: I realized, as I have never before realized, that I own too many things. (See my Sunterland post for an in-depth look at this self-discovery.)

I returned home with a fresh commitment to stop hoarding, in every aspect of my life. Including my cupboards.

The backpack loss set me back hundreds of dollars – solely in terms of things I will have to replace. Having just come off a two-week tour with the band, my server income for July is halved and I am very poor.

First thought? I’m going to starve!
Second thought: Let’s check our cupboards.


With a shock I realized I have way more food in my cupboards than I thought. 90% of it was purchased well over 6 months ago. I have been lugging around non-expirable foods like rice pastas, quinoa, couscous, tuna, beans, and baking supplies for years. My fastidious meal-planning has never started where it should: by taking a look at what I’ve already got. (I tend to look for what I’m missing, like apples, or yogourt.)

My new culinary goal is to see how much of my excess food I can eat (and enjoy) before I move into a new apartment at the end of August.

I will call this section of the Rockstar Diet “Minimalist Eating” – meal-planning to reduce my ridiculous collection of non-expirable foods, before I go buy more.

It’s actually quite an exciting endeavour, because I will have to eat things I don’t normally eat, and creatively combine ingredients.

Stay tuned for some weird recipes.


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