This is possibly the least visually appealing meal I’ve ever blogged about, but let me tell you it was delicious. Perfect post-work TV couch food.

Cook quick brown rice with a little butter and salt. Fry thinly sliced red onion and minced garlic in a little olive oil over low-medium heat. Put aside when done. Rince and drain 1/2 can black beans, and mix in with cooked rice, along with onions and garlic. Season to taste with lots of cumin, medium curry powder, chili powder, and a little thyme and oregano. Refry in same pan as used to cook onions to get it nice and hot. Serve in bowl with grated cheddar cheese and a few dollops of something cold and/or sweet – I use local Rhubarb Relish, which with its clove seasoning works wonderfully, but sour cream would do just fine. Lastly, sprinkle with garlic-flavoured roasted flax seeds for healthy omega fats.

If I wasn’t being a poor minimalist, I’d have added to this recipe: pearl onions, fresh cilantro, bell peppers and sour cream.



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