Acne sucks.

Acne sucks.

I have had the worst skin lately. It could be many things – the stress of moving, fall’s altered humidity levels and temperatures, increased consumption

of mainstream meat and deep-fryer grease at a new pub job, lower consumption of green veggies during my minimalist month of eating…

Whatever the reason, it sucks.

My acne is mainly on my chin and jawline, which according to medical science indicates hormonal acne.

I asked my beauty guru, Ribay, of the Perfect Skin, for her latest skin-clearing strategies. Ribay stresses the importance of fighting acne from the inside out.

She suggests drinking fresh lemon juice in a glass of water at morning and night, and some new liver cleanse she does before breakfast. (I’m waiting for her to supply me with the brand name.)

I’ve immediately instigated the lemon juice ritual, and LOVE it. I’m squeezing 1/4 a large lemon into a glass with cool water and drinking it with breakfast or dinner. It’s actually delicious – almost like lemonade. I’m sure a little agave sweetener would turn it into lemonade if I decide it’s too sour, but so far so good.

I also found this list of “skin-clearing” foods from Glamour magazine. Other than nettle, they just seem like generally healthy foods to me, full of vitamins, healthy fats and stress-reducing components.

Lauren Conrad compiled this list of Acne-fighting foods, particularly for hormonal acne. According to her list, my possible diet culprits could be sodium and “white” foods – two things I’ve been ingesting way more since working at the pub. Mashed potatoes, white bread, nachos, fries and write rice all cause sugar spikes which apparently can cause breakouts. Although I rarely add salt to any of my meals, the wings and pulled pork I’ve been eating at work are definitely prepared with lots.

Lemons are high in vitamin-C, which could be why the lemon juice thing would work. (We shall see.)

There’s also a really in-depth article on possible causes of hormonal acne in this High On Health article. All kinds of possible issues in this one, for me, the most likely being junk food (from the pub), and, embarrassingly, poor liver and kidney function. (I’m a 26 year-old east coast musician; I drink a lot.) Perhaps a liver cleanse is in order.

One last idea worth investigation is a supplement called “estrblock” that this blogger raves about. (“How I Cured my Adult Female Hormonal Acne”). Could be scammy, so I’m going to do a little more research before I vouch for it. Things that sound too good to be true often are.


2 thoughts on “Challenge: Acne-fighting foods?

  1. hah I know I rave about Estroblock, perhaps to the point of sounding scammy – lol, it’s natural – and probably a good thing – to be suspicious when someone’s too enthusiastic. But it really is the one supplement that’s made such a huge, obvious difference in my hormonal acne (before I tried it I also would have thought it was too good to be true). Not to say other factors don’t matter and this supplement trumps everything. If your health is still quite poor in many areas, Estroblock will probably only do so much.

    Also, I originally heard about it from Fran from High on Health, who also raves about it because it had the same effect for her. It took me a long time to try it because I thought…. oh gawd, not another supplement to try… but to my surprise, it really did work as well as she said.

    Anyway, good article friend, acne certainly does suck :/

    • Thanks for the thoughtful response. Estroblock has been on my mind since I wrote that post. I’d like to research it more. The hormonal effects of birth control pills yield similar acne-clearing results, but birth control pills have been linked to cancer… I’d love to see some longitudinal studies of Estroblock as a long-term supplement. I also wonder if it’s available in Canada.

      Interesting stuff.

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