The good news: I left the cheesecake place that devastated my diet.

The okay news… I now work several days each week at an old Halifax pub.

I prefer the serving job itself – laid back customers, easygoing management, independent work – but the menu is so deep-fried I’m surprised you can’t sop grease off its pages.

I don’t hate greasy food; I love it dangerously. (Hand-cut fries and wings are two of my favourites, never mind the pulled-pork and melted cheese sandwich.) I love greasy food, and I love being fit and healthy.

And so, I will wage war.

On one side, my desire to eat wings, poutine and potato skins for every meal. On the other, the determination to fuel my long shifts with satisfying and nutritious food. And not to put on 10 lbs like I did at the cheesecake place. (I was helpless!)

Above all, work food must be high in fibre and protein, to give me long-term energy without a sugar crash, and to keep me feeling fuller longer.

For convenience, I bring foods to work that I can combine with existing pub food ingredients (like eggs, sparse veggies, peanut butter, milk and cheese) to make healthy meals. These include my favourite Silver Hills sprouted grain bread, apples and bananas, and a bag of sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

But I’d like to get more in the habit of preparing delicious foods at home to bring to work.

This blogger made a big list of general ideas for work-friendly foods. It’s a good place for general inspiration. (Sushi – what a great idea! I can make rolls and chop them at work.)

Other recipe lists to browse through…

103 Recipes to Spark up a Packable Lunch
Protein-Packed Lunch Recipes
Gluten Free Lunch: To Go! (Bento Box ideas…)
BBC Gluten-Free Lunch Recipes: Lots of interesting salads

Stay tuned for new recipes in my battle against the deep fryer.


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