I want to do the Master Cleanse. Again.

The Master Cleanse is a type of fast in which a concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water is the only thing you consume for 10 days. The calories, vitamins and minerals in the lemonade sustain energy and purge the system of everything else. There is a very comprehensive overlook of the cleanse here.
Six years ago, I did nine days of the cleanse and recorded my experience in my health & lifestyle blog in the Dal Gazette, the Dalhousie student paper. I did the cleanse because I had come across in a magazine. The bizarre ingredients and celebrity associations (Beyoncé is a known advocate for the cleanse) intrigued my diet-conscious mind.

The benefits I hope to get from the Master Cleanse are:

Lose fat. I put on a few pounds working at the Cheesecake place this summer, and don’t fit into my winter jeans. I am not pleased about this. I have started going back to the gym again to build muscle, so this will help in the long-run, but I’m looking for a kick-start, especially with a modelling gig in Atlantic Fashion Week next weekend.

Eliminate caffeine, alcohol and smoking for 10 days.

Get rid of a cold. The Master Cleanse is supposed to eliminate mucus-related issues.

Clear skin. I’ve been drinking lemon-water for a few days now (since my clear-skin-foods post) and would like to really give it a chance. (My skin is somewhat clearer already.) Although clear skin isn’t advertised as a major side-effect, my gut says it will be a natural consequence,

I’m tempted to start today, but a few days’ preparation are recommended. This list of 8 Mistakes People Make With The Master Cleanse is very helpful, pointing out the importance of easing off caffeine and sugar prior to Day 1. I’ve made plans to make dumplings with a friend tonight, and am going to a birthday BBQ tomorrow, so I’m going to eat only fruits and veggies around these events, and get my lemonade and salt water flush ready for Sunday morning.

By finishing on October 8th, I will have three days to ease myself back onto hard foods, caffeine and alcohol before my next band trip to St Johns NFLD on October 11th. (Surrounded by Newfies, I anticipate heavy drinking and fish.)

Off to the grocery store I go to get 12 lemons, Grade B maple syrup, Smooth Move tea, and fruits and veggies for today and tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Look, this cleanse has received pounds of flack online from medical and weight-loss standpoints. (Insufficient nutrition, crash-diet, weight will com back, etc.) My personal motivation to do the cleanse makes it a healthy and exciting adventure.



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