Alright, I am hungover and ready for this to begin.

Besides wine, homemade dumplings Friday and one souvlaki pita last night, I have eaten only fruits and vegetables for a couple days.

Today, I begin with a salt water flush (natural laxative, oh boy), and the lemonade-only diet.

Recipe for lemonade: (To be consumed every day)
60 ounces filtered water (1.7 L)
12 Tbsp Grade B maple syrup
12 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 Teaspoon cayenne pepper
Salt Water Flush: (To be taken on an empty stomach after waking)
– 4 cups warm water
– 2 tsps to non-iodized sea salt


Weight: 139 lbs

Feelings: motivated, hungover, energetic

I am mentally and physically ready. Let’s do this.


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