Oh man.

So, I cheated on my cleanse.

Day 3 yesterday was brutal. On the night of Day 2 I started feeling deeply cold, and this lasted the whole night and next day. Apparently deep, persistent cold is a “rare side-effect” of doing the cleanse… *of course* it would happen to me.

I haven’t been working out, but I think a 10-hour standing and walking shift at the pub was just too much. My stomach gauged a whole in my mind, and I finished all my lemonade hours before I was done.

Furthermore, I dealt with three different friends texting me links and arguments against doing the cleanse, all afternoon.

So I’m not surprised that at 2 am, freezing and weak, I rationalized a cheat night and went to Needs convenience down the street.

I bought exactly what I wanted most: a white bread, turkey and beef club sandwhich, a Hershey chocolate bar with almonds, and Tropicana orange juice. It was DELICIOUS.

But it didn’t stop! Then I also ate an apple with copious amounts of peanut butter, and a pack of instant oatmeal.

I slept a long, deep sleep, and woke up with a big headache. Now I have gained 4 lbs from my original weight, and am not sure how to proceed.

Without question, I am abstaining from alcohol and caffeine and cigarettes for the rest of my 10-day timeline, but perhaps it’s time to pack in, take pride in my 3 full days of Master Cleansing, and get back to food.

I’m going to make some lemonade, teach piano to some kids, and think on it.


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