And with this, I break my fast.

The fast is over, but my cleanse is not. After 3.5 days of lemonade only, I have concluded that it’s time to eat food again.

Yesterday I dealt with many people’s input on my master cleanse, from lengthy, pseudo-medical critiques to “your fucked”.

While I respectfully disagree with the latter, one commenter made a valid comparison between the master cleanse and a fast, suggesting the need for additional sleep and relaxed activities.

My work schedule quite simply doesn’t allow for 10 days of rest. No way.

The profound and constant cold I felt on Days 2 and 3 indicates my basic caloric needs far exceed the lemonade’s provisions.

For Days 5 to 10 I will continue to abstain from smoking, caffeine and alcohol, and will eat a clean diet of fruits and veggies, whole grains and nuts. And yogurt and chocolate, because they are my loves.

My weight has overall remained constant, and my skin is much clearer. And my tummy is flatter, I swear it.

Okay, peace out!


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