As I am no longer surviving on lemonade alone, I have removed the “master” from my cleanse.

Last night I had a very restful sleep.

As I reintegrate foods into my diet, I am noticing a strong reaction to certain foods. Greek yogourt, yesterday and today, gave me bad stomach aches, acid reflux and bloating. (What does it mean??) I guess I’m going to get tested for lactose intolerance.

Otherwise, I’m off meat and grains, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. It’s great! Can’t wait for some fish next week.

It was so funny – at work at the pub today, manager laughed at my gorgeous lunch platter and said “eat some real food.” Frowning at my food, I thought, what’s more real than this?

People love commenting on others’ diets. Fact.

This weekend will be a challenge, as I’d like to go out and see some shows, see some boys, etc., all without breaking my cleanse.

Peace out!



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