So the cleanse is totally over. I am drinking coffee, smoking a daily cig, eating and drinking whatever.

A friend asked me how I’m feeling now VS while on the cleanse. Assuming he meant the later half of my cleanse, when I wasn’t freezing to death, I admitted I felt much better on the cleanse than I do now.

To tell you the truth, I’m struggling. I can’t seem to get regular meals in place, tending towards sporadic snacks instead. Working out has been similar.

I’m aware of definite lactose-intolerance now, but remain uncommitted to any dietary changes.

I am no longer working at the pub – I anticipate this will have a positive effect on my eating, as I’ll have more time and energy to meal-plan, and to exercise.

Also, my sleep habits are decidedly horrid. I stay up late every night and hate waking up. I think it’s anxiety, which makes me sad.

Working more as a singing and piano teacher will require boxed lunches and power-snacks, so I’ll be sure to post challenges and ideas.

I did manage to make this glorious veggie burger platter the other night. Sol veggie pattie, gluten-free bun, cheddar cheese, fried mushrooms, curry-mayo, steamed broccoli and pickled beets. Served with a glass of chocolate almond milk and an episode of X-Files.



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