The Ams Burger (Asparagus Mushroom-Melt & Swiss)

The Ams Burger (Asparagus Mushroom-Melt & Swiss)

I was inspired by fancy eggs Benedict for this burger. Come to think of it, next time I should add a fried egg.

Of all the veggie burger brands I prefer Sol Cuisine‘s plan and spicy bean patties. They are lower sodium, higher protein AND tastier than most.

For this burger:

Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a pan over slightly below medium heat. Snap woody ends off 9 spears asparagus cutting three short enough to use on burger. Fry all asparagus and 3 sliced mushrooms covering w a lid and shifting every couple of minutes until almost done. Push to side of pan to make space, and fry veggie patty. Midway through cooking, after one flip, place mushrooms, shorter asparagus spears, and a slice of swiss cheese on the cooked side of the burger, and cover with lid to speed melting.

Serve on one Silver Hills sprouted grain hamburger bun (these taste like McDonald’s buns! So good.) with condiments, pickle, tomato and baby greens, and leftover asparagus on the side. Delish!


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