Road trips with the band pose a threat to healthy eating, and my wallet. Low energy levels and general boredom make it tempting to succumb to fast-food and gas station corner stores.

I’m on tour with SoHo Ghetto for 12 days. To save on money, waste and calories, I made the goal of eating all lunches, breakfasts and snacks from my van food stash. This includes:

– herb & garlic sprouted grain bagels (taste like pizza, super high protein, packed w nutrients)
– cheese (portioned pieces of marble and old cheddar)
– yogourt (plain, greek vanilla, strawberry)
– two kinds of granola
– bananas
– apples
– mandarin oranges
– rice crackers
– sweet potato kettle chips
– a big bag of almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, and m&ms.
– kiju organic juice boxes (mango and apple)
– a few fortified vanilla soy beverages

All whole-fat, natural-ish foods, with carbs, fat and protein to satisfy needs and cravings. Delish!



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