“Don’t dream it – be it.” – Dr. Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show

As a touring musician in my early career, I face certain challenges when it comes to food.

True to form, I’m shit-poor, and incredibly busy. A full-time, 9-5 job is unrealistic given my touring schedule, so I work multiple, flexible part-time jobs. Between travelling, practicing piano, singing, collaborating with other musicians, recording, planning, songwriting, late-night mingling, working out and working a part-time social media and marketing job, I am spread thin.

Where many people in similar circumstances choose the fast-food, microwave route to satiety, I simply cannot.

Eating healthily and staying in shape are two of my top priorities. I’m motivated by my own aesthetic ideals, and the superficial nature of my chosen profession. Beauty increases my chances of success, both directly (making first impressions, stealing hearts, adorning magazine covers, etc.) and indirectly, lending confidence to every choice and move I make.

In addition to these motivations, I am a stoic foodie. Good food – food that looks, feels and tastes good, and comes from a good place – is bliss.

The Rockstar Diet perfectly suits my needs. I’ve worked it out to a science: what to buy, how much to spend, how to economize and maximize the use of every grocery item, and how to prepare a variety of beautiful, delicious and super healthy meals in a short amount of time.

Each recipe includes THE WHAT (ingredients) THE HOW (instructions) and THE SCORE: an assessment of Time (preparation and clean-up time, because clean kitchens make clean food), Cost (Super Cheap, Totally Affordable, or Splurge), and Nutrition (Protein and general healthiness.)


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